Hostel Review: Ghent- Hostel Uppelink

For nearly our entire stay in Ghent, we were met with surprised congratulations for making the trip. Apparently, tourists tend to overlook the city in favor of Bruges and Antwerp. It’s hard to imagine why- most of the city’s historic architecture is well preserved and restored and frankly stunning to walk around in. Funnily enough, … More Hostel Review: Ghent- Hostel Uppelink

Swimming in Dubrovnik

If you’re visiting Dubrovnik in warmer weather and fancy a swim, there are several different locations to choose from. Seeing as it was pretty chilly, we didn’t want to go out of our way to find a nearby beach when there were several just outside of the Old Town walls that would suit us just … More Swimming in Dubrovnik

Manchester, England

Working our way down from York, Manchester was the next stop on our meandering trip through England. What was once the world’s largest marketplace for cotton goods during the British Industrial Revolution, Manchester has gone through an extensive transformation over the past few decades. Large sections of the city have been modernized and old cotton … More Manchester, England