Hotel Review: Florence- Plaza Lucchesi

For our stay in Florence, we were lucky to get a good deal on the four-star Plaza Hotel Lucchesi Hotel, located just off the river Arno. Although it’s not in walking distance of the train station- especially with our backpacks, there is a bus that stops just outside the building. Of course, we never quite … More Hotel Review: Florence- Plaza Lucchesi

DIY Tolkien Tour

Although the Lord of the Rings movies have irrevocably entangled the novels with the country of New Zealand, J.R.R Tolkien spent much of his youth in Birmingham, England, which has proudly claimed many of his childhood haunts as inspiration for various scenes in the famous stories. As a Lord of the Rings enthusiast (who’s already … More DIY Tolkien Tour

Visiting the Vatican

My visit to Italy was already several weeks into our trip around Europe, and we hadn’t quite gotten around to planning our days the way we should have. This, of course, backfired pretty spectacularly when it came to getting tickets to visit the Vatican with less than a 24 hour’s notice.

Cue the frantic googling montage as we tried to figure out a way to get last minute tickets to see the landmark.

Visitors do not need to pay to visit Vatican City itself, but tickets are mandatory to visit St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums- the things I actually wanted to see! … More Visiting the Vatican