Skydiving Over Queenstown New Zealand

Having previously decided that I was not good with heights and comfortable with that decision, I was surprised to find myself walking into an adventure tourism agency in Queenstown, New Zealand with the express intentions of booking a skydiving experience over the city. Here’s the thing- I’m pretty easily peer pressured- especially while on vacation. … More Skydiving Over Queenstown New Zealand

What’s So Bad About Badlands National Park?

The Badlands National Park is what I affectionately like to call a “flyover park”. It’s actually one of my favorite Midwestern parks but it gets constantly overlooked due to its location in relation to the more popular Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! While it’s technically possible to do all three of these parks as … More What’s So Bad About Badlands National Park?

Visiting Hobbiton

New Zealand tourism in no small part has been dramatically affected by the hugely popular Lord of the Rings films. Although the films were shot all over the country, one of the most popular sites for Tolkien Tourism remains the still-standing set of Hobbiton. Located in Matamata, New Zealand, the set is situated on the … More Visiting Hobbiton