Why You Should Visit Amsterdam for the Holidays

While Amsterdam is beautiful all year round, December is an excellent time to visit- not only for the diminished crowds of tourists but also for the beloved celebration of Sinterklaas. Although Santa Claus and Sinterklaas share many similar characteristics, there are several key differences between the two. In mid-November, Sinterklaas arrives into Amsterdam by boat … More Why You Should Visit Amsterdam for the Holidays

A Hike To Harder Kulm

One of the most popular stops in Interlaken is Harder Kulm, mostly due to its convenience and stunning views. No trains required- just head a little past Höhematte Park and you’ll find yourself at the Harderbahn. There are two main options to summit- the ever popular funicular or just plain old hiking. Wanting the best … More A Hike To Harder Kulm