Should I Bother with Travel Insurance?

Listen, I get it- you’ve just spent all this money on a perfect vacation. You’re not going to cancel, so why should you pay extra for travel insurance?

The reason, of course, is because you’ve just spent all this money on a perfect vacation.

These days, its a little easier to talk yourself into travel insurance- I think that the pandemic traumatized us all a little bit and we’re still feeling the effects today with the increasingly common flight delays and cancellations.

Most insurance’s cover events such as trip delay and baggage loss and while it doesn’t prevent those things from happening, it can help mitigate the impact it has upon your trip. If you catch COVID? Well, that’s a medical reason not to travel, isn’t it.

Even despite these world-altering events, I have heard far too many horror stories these days to ever travel without insurance (and this is coming from someone who once went skydiving uninsured). Sure, you don’t plan to cancel the trip, but all it takes is one injury to throw all your plans out the window.

I’ve heard of people slipping on a hike or having unexpected heart attacks and needing emergency treatment in a foreign country. It’s a scary enough situation- the least you can do is not worry how to pay for the doctors.

Look at it this way- no one plans to cancel their amazing vacation, but if something unexpected occurs, adding a few hundred bucks onto a trip to protect thousands of dollars worth of travel adventures- and yourself- is the best safety net you can get.

8 thoughts on “Should I Bother with Travel Insurance?

  1. Hear hear. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. You hope never to use insurance, but if you do need it, you will be so glad you have it. Medical care can cost tens of thousands and often, the insurance company will sort things out on your behalf.
    We travel on a budget, but we always budget in insurance!

    1. Exactly!!! Since I’ve posted this article I’ve seen four people’s vacations get severely disrupted by their lack of insurance. I cannot express how important it is- so I’m glad we’re on the same page!

  2. Anita and I always buy travel insurance and from the times we have collected, we are WAAAAYY ahead than if we had not. One CAN overbuy insurance, so be careful with the provider and the terms, but it can be a very worthwhile investment.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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