Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole is a fairly touristy city, popular mostly for its proximity to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks as well as several ski resorts in the area.

I used this city as a launching point for my visit to Grand Teton National Park, but there are plenty of points of interest within the city itself.

Jackson City Town Square and its huge arches made of thousands of antlers may be familiar for webcam enthusiasts as the webcam and its live chat briefly became a meme.

Just off of this small park is the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The western-themed bar even has saddles as their bar seats! While this establishment is entirely off limits for those under the age of 21, it’s a good place for adults to grab a bite and maybe listen to a live performance.

For those traveling with a younger crowd, the Wort Hotel and its famous Silver Dollar Bar and Grill– so named for the bar set with $50,000 worth of silver dollars- is definitely worth a visit, though children are not allowed in the bar area past 6pm. This bar, too, often has live musical performances to watch at night.

I also stopped to visit Snake River Brewpub, which is one of the oldest breweries in the state at the ripe old age of 28 years old and a lovely place to stop for good food and drinks!

Drinking isn’t the only activity to do in Jackson Hole- though it is a popular pastime after a long day of hiking or skiing! There are also many shops to explore and other restaurants to try out- plus there are several white water rafting tour companies that will arrange pick ups from town.

While I enjoyed my stay in Jackson Hole, it definitely felt more like a base camp than a town I was visiting for it’s own merits and I didn’t feel the need to spend too long in the town itself.

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