Hotel Review: Resorts World Las Vegas

I’ll be honest; I’d never heard of this hotel before I was put up here for a few nights during a work conference.

Resorts World was opened in 2021, and was the first resort to be completed on the Strip in over a decade. Located on the North end of the Las Vegas Strip, it was a little further away from some of the shows at the other hotels, but I found it to be an excellent launching point to visit Old Vegas, which was only a ten minute drive away.

Resorts World hosts three types of Hilton hotels within its towers- which is a bit confusing as there are lobbies to use for each hotel. I was staying in a standard room at the Hilton at Resorts World, but there is also the Conrad, and the Crockfords, in order of increasing luxury.

While I was able to check into my room immediately, I was a little disappointed by its size. Sure, it was clean and comfortable, but it was fairly basic and honestly pretty small for a Las Vegas hotel. I imagine that they’re saving the larger rooms for the higher paying guests, but I think that’s difficult to justify when I’ve paid $70 for a much larger and nicer room at the MGM Grand. I did like my view overlooking the pool area.

What I will say is that I really enjoyed their pool area. Their main pool curves around the hotel and the interesting shape gives an illusion of greater size and privacy since guests are unable to see the entire pool at once. The pool is lined with first come, first serve lounge chairs, and I was able to snag a comfortable spot shaded by the tower itself in the early hours of the morning. As the day went on, the hotel’s shadow did start moving out of range of the pools and it did get very hot. Vegas in July, what can you do? Be aware that one of the towers is constantly playing video advertisements on its side, which is a honestly a little difficult to ignore.

There is also an adults only infinity pool overlooking the Nevada desert, a family pool with a few water features for children, the bar-side Bimini pool, and a Cabana Pool which was reserved exclusively for Croxford guests, but the Main Pool was definitely still my favorite.

The Ayu Dayclub is a popular feature of the hotel, with four pools and and two floors of cabanas. My work event had bought out the day club for a night club experience so I didn’t bother checking it out during the public hours. I will say that the pools did look quite soupy by the time we got there. I certainly wasn’t brave enough to go for a swim, so I snagged a cabana on the second floor and had a great view of the venue and the DJs for the night.

Zouk Nightclub is also very popular, with residencies from artists like Zedd and Deadmau5- it’s definitely worth taking a look at the schedule if you’ve got any interest in EDM! I didn’t have time to check out this club on my visit, but I’d be interested to visit it on a return trip.

The resort itself was really nice, and obviously new. There were LED screens and creative light features everywhere, which was both exciting and a little overwhelming to experience. The casino area was very central to the restaurants and rooms, and guests are compelled to walk through the slots to get pretty much anywhere within the hotel. There are a ton of places to eat and drink throughout this floor, though obviously expect that Las Vegas pricing.

There is a long hallway that connects the casino area to an exit closer to the on-site clubs so visitors can stay in air conditioning for as long as possible. There was a lot of art pieces and a few shops spread through this area, but it did feel a little empty.

Ultimately, I enjoyed my stay at this hotel. It was a great halfway point between the strip and Old Vegas (which was something I was determined to see on my trip) and it has a great list of artists performing at their clubs at any given time- I’d definitely come back just for the convenience of my room being so close to the DJ’s set! The one draw back for this hotel is really the size of its entry category rooms, but the issue is easily solved by spending most of your time exploring the hotel and surrounding city!

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