Dining in Dubrovnik- from a Vegan Perspective

While in Dubrovnik, we were lucky enough to book accommodation with a kitchen.

By luck, of course, I mean I planned this- traveling for so many days without expecting to wash our clothes seemed unrealistic, so we’d booked our stay mostly with the intention of taking advantage of the in-unit washer. Of course, the lack of dryer did mean that we hung up our clothes to dry on the apartment’s balcony shutters like some sort of bizarre used clothes marketplace, but that’s what travel is all about- improvisation.

We ended up using the kitchen both to keep our budget lower with the unexpectedly pricey Croatian cites and also because Split had probably been one of the most difficult cities for me to manage my dietary restrictions on the entire trip. It seemed that everything on the menu either seafood or dairy!

As it was, we didn’t spend too much time eating out in Dubrovnik, but its good to note that we were offered discounts on meals at almost every restaurant we walked past since we were traveling so close to the end of the season in early November- many of the restaurants planned to be closed within a week of our visit.

Had we spent more time checking out the local restuarants, I’m sure that I would have been able to find some more options for myself, but when we did spend time eating out, I really enjoyed the food we got- everything was so fresh and delicious.

FO.RA Focaccia Ragusa

Our very favorite spot to grab a quick bite was at FO.RA Focaccia Ragusa. We had originally walked past it on our way to a nearby grocery store, but their paninis looked so good we actually doubled back to grab some before we made our way back to our apartment.

Apparently we had looked so determined to get these paninis that our server asked us if someone had recommended that we try them. No one had, but now I make it my mission to recommend this shop to everyone visiting Dubrovnik.

The sandwiches are fresh and made to order, making it easy to customize their lengthy menu- plus they have at least one option that starts as vegan! We enjoyed eating our meals on the patio outside that had a great view of the Northern Old Town Walls, but their interior was also lovely. With the relatively low price of around 13USD per sandwich, we stopped here twice.


While exploring Old Town, we stumbled across the vegan restaurant Nishta, just a few steps away from the main street Stradun. Never one to turn down a vegan opportunity- especially in a country where I’d been struggling, we stopped here for a quick lunch. We split a delicious Thai-styled noodle dish and a cheesecake. This was the first vegan cheesecake I’ve ever eaten in my life and I nearly cried- you guys get to eat this whenever you feel like it and you don’t even have a little tummy ache? Melanie took one look at my face and pushed the whole slice towards me to finish off.

Not only does this restaurant cater to vegans, but it also accommodates gluten free and raw diets- their menu has allergens notated extensively and their staff is very helpful when it comes to navigating food sensitivities, so I highly recommend stopping by.

Buza Bar

Although the entrance to Buza Bar is tucked away in the back alleys of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, Buza Bar is one of the most popular bars in the city- and for good reason!

This bar hosts a limited number of seats on rocks looking directly out to the ocean making it an excellent sunset spot. Just make sure to get there early enough to actually claim a seat- an hour or two before sunset would be best.

We did see some people swimming here, but it was a little too chilly for us on our visit. Keep in mind that this bar is cash only! I did find this bar to be a little expensive at about 8USD for a beer, but you’re really paying for the view.

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