Bondi Beach Day

One of my first big trips out of the United States was a big one- all the way from New York to Australia and New Zealand!

As a huge Lord of the Rings fan, the majority of my time was spent in New Zealand with a brief three-day stop over in Sydney, Australia.

Believe it our not, of the three days in Sydney, a shocking two-thirds of them were absolutely pouring rain- a statement that is greeted with a sort of stunned horror by locals whenever I mention my rather damp experience in the country.

While weather can’t always be expected to be favorable in any circumstance, I was determined to fit the absolute most of the summer experience into my singular sunny day in Sydney- of course, that means I’m off to Bondi Beach first thing in the morning!

I know, I know- Manly Beach is supposed to be the better of the two, but there was only time to visit one beach and I’d be damned if I missed out on exploring one of the most famous beaches in the entire world!

Feeling confident in my public transportation skills, I took bus that dropped me off right at at the South end of Bondi. Make sure to sunscreen up before laying out on that sand- those UV rays are no joke! I lathered up, set out my towel, and immediately trotted knee deep into- oh, yep, that’s a rip tide.

In my post-Oceania trip depression, I got very into the show “Bondi Rescue”, a reality tv show about the lifeguards patrolling Bondi Beach. As I later found out from this show, the rip that I stepped into trapped visitors so commonly that it was given the name “Backpacker’s Rip” due to its proximity to the very bus stop that I hopped out at.

Luckily I grew up near the ocean and while I apparently can’t tell a rip tide by sight, I can at least stop myself from getting sucked into one. Make sure you pay attention to the lifeguards and the flags that are placed up and down the beach- they’re there to keep you safe!

The wide crescent shaped beach is beautiful as advertised, though it definitely gets crowded with locals and tourists alike! Across from the beach, strips of shops and cafes are available to peruse. I ended up restocking on sunscreen at one of the shops- I didn’t want to look like a lobster so soon into my trip!

I made sure to check out Bondi Icebergs, one of Australia’s oldest swimming clubs. The famous saltwater pools butt right up against the rocky coastline of the Southern end of Bondi and large waves often crash into the pools making for truly stunning photos. The general public is invited to swim at Icebergs for a small fee of $9 per adult and includes not only access to the pool, but also to the locker room, showers, and sauna. Not a bad deal!

Since there’s only so long I can lay out at the beach, I wanted to check out the famous Bondi to Coogee Costal Walk. The 6km walk follows a boardwalk route that connects Bondi Beach to its neighboring Tamarama, Bronte, Clovelly, and Coogee beaches. It can get pretty hot along the path, but its easy enough to hop into the water to cool down at any of the beaches, or even check out a cafe on the way. The views along this walk were simply spectacular!

Bondi Beach, while crowded, remains one of the world’s most famous beaches for a reason! The views alone are worth battling a crowd for, though I must say that I can’t wait to head back to check out some of the more off the beaten path beaches on my next visit!

11 thoughts on “Bondi Beach Day

  1. A few years back I worked a day a week in Sydney, commuting from Melbourne for a full year. In my memory, it rained every time I visited. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the trip.

    1. That’s a pretty incredible commute!

      I think as an American, I have this perception of Australia generally being this super warm and sunny country- but it seems like that might just be a stereotype if it’s happened to both of us;

      I hope you enjoyed your rainy visits just as much as I did! It’s a really lovely city- I can’t wait to get back;

      1. Sorry for that curt reply – I’m cooking. So whilst things simmer let me add a little.
        I was on a quality improvement steering committee and meetings were at a factory in Villawood, an unlovely industrial suburb. People were great though. I went to lots of BBQs and restaurants and saw a lot of the city. The company won an award and nearly everyone involved got promoted, several overseas and to other companies, so I’ve pretty much lost touch now.
        Such a pretty city and always heaps to do. I’m assuming you’ve moved on but if you can get to Katoomba that is a nice trip. I had my then eight years old son with me when we went there and had the extra pleasure of taking a motortrike back to the station, going the long way around on curving roads that gave a view out over the cliffs. Timer’s gone! Ciao.

      2. Oh, I didn’t think anything of your previous comment- don’t even worry about it!

        I hope you’re on to bigger and better things now! I wasn’t able to check out Katoomba on my trip- it was cloudy enough that we heard some really disappointing reviews from our roommates that had tried to see the Blue Mountains. Its definitely on my list for my next visit, whenever I can psych myself into that flight again!

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