Biking Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Let it be known that I don’t ride bikes often. In fact, I think I’ve been on two bike rides in the last decade! Our time in Lauterbrunnen was my first experience with an electric bike and the assistant demonstrating the bike speeds left the motor on the highest assist. Needless to say, the second my foot hit the pedal I was launched into oncoming traffic at turbo speed. Absolutely gets the blood pumping.

Once I wrangled control back from the bike, it was smooth sailing- there’s a paved path that tracks all the way through the Lauterbrunnen valley. It’s fairly busy at first due to the close proximity of the famous Staubbach Fall, but the crowds melted away as we got further from town. Instead, there were cows and waterfalls every which way we looked. It felt like we were making our way through some sort of gorgeous painting, especially with the cute yellow flowers absolutely blanketing the area.

There are 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley cascading down from huge cliffs that apparently also make great starting points for base jumpers! There must have been a base jumping event that day as we watched a baker’s dozen of adrenaline junkies throwing themselves off cliffs. Usually base jumpers must be finished by 11am to make way for paragliders- air traffic, Switzerland style!

One can spend all day exploring the picturesque valley, but having had an early start paragliding over in Interlaken we decided to pack it in after our allotted hour and stuff ourselves full of chocolate fondue.

There are plenty of places where one can rent a bike, but we were able to rent our e-bikes in a shop right off of the main road when we arrived in Lauterbrunnen.

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